LUST- The Most Common (Environmental) Sin!

LUST- The Most Common (Environmental) Sin!

To clarify, the LUST I'm talking about is short for Leaking Underground Storage Tank. Petroleum leaks and spills from LUSTs account for over 90% of all groundwater contamination cases.  In the relatively small state of South Carolina alone, approximately 10,000 LUST sites have been identified since reporting started in the late 1980's, and around 2,400 open cases remain today.  Whether you are in town or driving through the countryside, chances are you are never more than a mile or so from a piece of real estate that has a history of LUST (yes, I am still talking about tanks). In the late '80's to early 90's, most states created trust funds to assist with cleaning up LUST- related contamination.  These funds have allowed gas station owners to continue their businesses without financial ruin.  The trust funds also allow buyers to acquire contaminated properties without becoming the responsible party.  In South Carolina, the UST trust fund collects over $20 million per year, mostly from a 0.5 cent per gallon fuel tax (that's right, in SC alone, that's equal to 4 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel sold per year!). Working on LUST sites since 1987, including time as a SCDHEC UST program manager, the team of professionals at EnviroSouth and I are ready to assist you with navigating complex regulations and avoiding the unwanted liabilities associated with LUST-contaminated properties.

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