Making Green from Brown(fields)

Making Green from Brown(fields)

Brownfield sites often provide investors great opportunities to turn  "environmentally challenged" properties into long-term financial gains.  Idled properties with soil or groundwater contamination were stuck in regulatory limbo until Congress enacted Brownfields legislation in 2003.  The legislation paved the way to allow an investor to take ownership of a contaminated property without being held responsible for its environmental problems.   Despite the availability of iron-clad government protections, many potential buyers still shy away from acquiring contaminated sites, resulting in the opportunity for savvy investors to purchase at deeply discounted prices. In the vast majority of cases, the on-site environmental concerns present no significant barriers to redevelopment or future land use.

In South Carolina alone, hundreds of well-informed investors have taken advantage of the State's Brownfields program to achieve great financial returns.  Buyers of Brownfield sites can also benefit from numerous property and income tax credits associated with their redevelopment efforts.

Of course, there is a bureaucracy to navigate through in order to safely obtain these properties.  EnviroSouth's experience with the Brownsfields regulatory program has guided numerous investors to great success in purchasing  these properties without painful surprises along the way.  The key to making these purchases progress smoothly is to thoroughly understand the costs, timeframes, and regulatory process before you start. To do that, an early conversation with a qualified environmental consultant is critical.

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