The EnviroSouth Team

Thomas Donn – President

I have always been interested in both science and business. My money-making ventures and hobbies as a child centered around the natural world including trapping muskrats, selling nightcrawlers to the local bait shop, and collecting rocks and fossils for trade (and occasional profit) at school.

Geology was a logical career choice. My University of Buffalo field trips to the nearby Love Canal chemical dump site and a nearby hazardous waste landfill caused me to become intrigued with the field of environmental geology.

Where I Came From

After finishing a Master of Science degree in the mid ‘80s, my career began by reviewing groundwater contamination cases at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). During five years at the SCDHEC, I reviewed a wide-range of projects and held various management positions. That experience has proven invaluable in my understanding of the mechanisms of environmental bureaucracy and its decision-making processes.

Where I am Now

With a desire to be more “hands-on”, I entered the world of environmental consulting. The work ethic and discipline I had developed checking trap lines during sub-zero pre-dawn mornings in upstate New York gave me the confidence to know that I was ready for the challenges of the private sector.

How I Help My Clients

In two words:  Fanatical Integrity. It’s all about trust. Over my 22 years of consulting there have been numerous advances in soil and groundwater assessment and remediation technology. What hasn’t changed during these years is the satisfaction that I receive from helping my clients find solutions to their environmental challenges. As the President of EnviroSouth, I look forward to the opportunity for our team of dedicated professionals to serve your environmental needs in the future.