EnviroSouth, Inc Hosts Brownfield Seminars Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina

In the October of 2019, EnviroSouth provided real estate professionals, attorneys, bankers, developers with the opportunity to attend an engaging environmental workshop for continuing education credits. The workshops’ premise was to enlighten key industry professionals to the process of environmental due diligence and the implications environmental regulations may have regarding a property transaction. Click HERE to learn more about EnviroSouth’s approach to Brownfield Restoration Projects.

Topics discussed included:

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Common recognized environmental conditions (RECs)
  • Brownfield Restoration Projects
  • Environmental Regulations and Liabilities
  • Tax Credits
  • How to leverage environmental red flags in a property transaction

EnviroSouth Attends 2017 AEG Charlotte Vapor Conference

The growing industry of Vapor Intrusion provides a multitude avenues in which EnviroSouth’s environmental professionals can serve our clients. Vapor intrusion risk occurs when there is an identified source of contamination in the soils and/or groundwater underlying a subject property. In many cases, these conditions are established and exposed through conducting environmetal site assessments such as Phase I and II ESAs as a function of environmental due diligence for a property transaction.

The AEG Charlotte Vapor Conference provided EnviroSouth with additional tools to increase our professionals’ ability to provide our clients with common sense, economical, and timely solutions to complex environmental challenges.  Click HERE to learn more about EnviroSouth’s approach to vapor intrusion.

EnviroSouth Hires Environmental Engineer

Greenville, South Carolina (July 28, 2017) EnviroSouth, Inc., an Upstate environmental consulting firm, is pleased to introduce Keigan Mennetti as an addition to their growing environmental engineering staff. Mennetti, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University and is a S.C. Engineer in Training.

Mennetti is responsible for planning and implementation of environmental assessment and remediation projects. He is also experienced in performing environmental assessments for commercial and industrial property transactions.
Keigan enjoys keeping up with his passion for ice hockey with his recreational league team at the Pavilion and also enjoys the diversity and festivity of Greenville. He has a love of pets and enjoys the pet-friendly atmosphere this area offers.

EnviroSouth Grows: Hires Senior Environmental Engineer

Greenville, South Carolina (August 1, 2016) EnviroSouth, Inc., an upstate environmental consulting firm, is pleased to introduce Anne Lovell as their new senior environmental engineer. Anne has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and is a registered Professional Engineer.

Anne joins EnviroSouth with thirty years of professional experience supporting projects in all 50 states and Canada. Her background includes facility siting, environmental permitting, hazardous waste management, risk-based environmental assessments, and corrective actions for commercial, industrial, and government clients. Anne is looking forward to providing EnviroSouth’s clients with the practical advice and personalized service to which they have become accustomed.

Anne and her husband, Michael, have long enjoyed the recreational and cultural opportunities in the upstate, and are excited to finally fulfill their dream of relocating to the Greenville area.

Spring Networking Event

Appropriately, EnviroSouth held its Spring Networking Event at the new Greenville Trade Park (Former Steel Heddle).  Greenville Trade Park is one of the state’s most successful Brownfield redevelopment sites.  The event was attended by commercial realtors, developers, environmental attorneys and environmental regulators.  Guests had the opportunity to tour the facility as well as enjoy food, drinks, music and door prizes.

The Steel Heddle Brownfield team was honored in the event space with graphic designed banners listing the team players and the beneficiaries of the redevelopment.  EnviroSouth was celebrated with their 15th year logo banner.  And Greenville Trade Park was showcased for their 20 + tenant companies and over 125 newly created jobs. Delicious southern delicacies were provided by Whole Table.   And local musicians associated with the Fine Arts Center in Greenville produced lively jazz music throughout the event.


EnviroSouth Celebrates 15 Wonderful Years!

In March 2001, EnviroSouth launched their future as a part of the Southeast‘s environmental consulting community. Their goal was to grow a firm that was able to clearly explain complex technical and regulatory issues in a manner that was easily understandable to a wide range of clients. EnviroSouth also wanted to achieve a high level of personal communication with their clients so that their mantra of “on budget, on time, and no surprises” would be the standard for every project they accepted.

When asked how EnviroSouth has changed the landscape of the Upstate and beyond these past 15 years, Thomas Donn, the company’s co-founder, replied “Our biggest impact on the region has been assisting property owners with re-developing properties with environmental challenges. By assisting land purchasers and developers address environmental concerns at Brownfield sites, we have played a key role in putting idle properties back into productive use. The role we play in these types of transactions is twofold. First, we help clients navigate the regulatory steps to protect themselves from becoming responsible for existing contamination on the properties they purchase. Second, we provide cost-effective and efficient technical solutions for remediating, or cleaning up, contaminated soil and groundwater. We have successfully completed environmental remediation projects for numerous commercial and industrial properties that were impacted by petroleum or chemical products. These projects are located in the Carolinas and Georgia and include manufacturing facilities, petroleum terminals, dry cleaning plants, and gas stations, among others. We are also working closely with Clemson University’s Environmental Engineering professors to develop new and innovative groundwater remediation methods.”

EnviroSouth Grows Along With Local Market Demand

Andrew Simmons has joined EnviroSouth’s team of professionals as a Staff Geologist. Simmons is a graduate of Clemson University where he studied geology and applied hydrogeology. He has previous professional experience with implementing numerous in-situ groundwater remediation technologies. He will be applying his environmental hydrogeology skills to numerous industrial, commercial, and Brownfield redevelopment projects in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.

EnviroSouth Participates In HOG Day

“Hands on Greenville” (HOG) Day is the largest day of service for the State of South Carolina.  On May 2, 2015 record numbers of volunteers participated throughout Greenville County: 7,221 people from 125 teams took on 187 projects with the financial impact of approximately $658, 000!  The EnviroSouth team served in the Brutontown Community located in the Historic District.  We got our hands dirty tilling, fertilizing and planting crops in the community garden; and our hearts full as we worked alongside some of the neighbors in the community.

EnviroSouth Grows; Hires Project Hydrogeologist

EnviroSouth is pleased to introduce Jonathan D. Gerst as their newest project hydrogeologist.  Jonathan has earned a B.A. in Geology from Appalachian State University and a M.S. in Hydrogeology from Virginia Tech.

Jonathan joins EnviroSouth with six years of professional experience after working in Virginia and Oregon.  He has worked on a variety of groundwater contamination and water supply projects for domestic and international clients.  Jonathan is looking forward to providing EnviroSouth’s clients with the practical advice and great service to which they have become accustomed.

When asked about his move to the upstate, Jonathan replied “I am eager to introduce my son to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains just outside the vibrant city of Greenville!  And in my free time, I plan to develop rock climbing opportunities in the region.”  Jonathan is joined by his wife Alexandra and 1 year old son Theisen.

Clemson University Student Capstone Research Projects

EnviroSouth worked with environmental engineering students from Clemson University’s Capstone Program  to develop groundwater remediation designs at the Former Steel Heddle Manufacturing Site in Greenville, SC.  EnviroSouth was pleased to involve the Clemson students as a measure to bridge the gap between academia and practical application of consulting solutions.  The students were provided actual hydrogeological and geochemical data sets from the Site, and they were tasked with developing remediation designs.