Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Remediation or “clean-up” of contaminated soil and groundwater requires a high level of integrity on the part of the environmental consultant. Unless the consultant thoroughly explains the technical and strategic aspects of the remediation plan, the client may not fully understand what he/she is purchasing. We approach your clean-up challenges as is if we are spending our own money.

How to Choose an Environmental Consultant

So how does a client select the best environmental consultant for soil and groundwater remediation work? It’s easy. Examining a firm’s track record and proof of actual regulatory project closures.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

EnviroSouth has completed numerous remediation projects and proudly provides a list of completed soil and groundwater remediation cases that have resulted in “No Further Action” letters from numerous State regulatory agencies. We have accomplished this impressive record using a wide array of advanced remedial technologies such as:

  • high-vacuum extraction systems
  • several forms of bioremediation
  • in-situ chemical oxidation
  • many other methods

By achieving cost-effective remediation goals, EnviroSouth saves you the time, money and frustration associated with long-term approaches.

Soil & Ground Water Remediation Diagram

Here is an example of how it works.


How Fanatical Integrity Works

Our success is not only a result of a thorough understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the contaminants and how the contaminants interact with the subsurface geology, but also because of our constant adjustments and combining multiple remediation technologies during the course of the clean-up process.

Just like a well-written book or a smoothly-running computer program, editing, revisions, and beta testing are critical to real success. Simply designing and implementing a remediation strategy, then sitting back and waiting for it to work without adjustments is seldom successful no matter how qualified an environmental consulting firm may appear on paper. Finishing the job as if the money was our own is part of our culture of FANATICAL INTEGRITY above all else.

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