EnviroSouth Presents at the 2024 Southeast Petroleum-Food Expo

After attending the SE Petrol Expo in 2023, EnviroSouth committed to attending the tradeshow again with additional focus on providing educational opportunities to industry professionals as well as exposition attendees. Will Lyons, P.G. provided an in-depth look into how environmental professionals navigate complex state regulatory systems in order to provide responsible parties with robust assessment services which not only delineate subsurface contamination, but also provide the consultant with the necessary information to conduct targeted corrective action and remediation services.

EnviroSouth’s approach to underground storage tank (UST) assessment is two-fold: 1) advocate for our client(s) at all times and 2) partner with state regulators to assess a petroleum release with the end goal of release closure in mind. Client advocacy looks like clear, concise communication that provides clients with the understanding that they are a priority. Our view of partnering with state regulators, is that a mutually beneficial partnership is central and that through a close partnership releases have a greater opportunity to become priorities and inevitably reach No-Further-Action.

EnviroSouth Client Based Education – NAI_Earle Furman Wofford Intern Presentation

EnviroSouth, Inc. provides a valued client an in depth environmental due diligence presentation highlighting the basics of environmental site assessment services as well as an introduction into common recognized environmental conditions (RECs).

Overviews of the following topics were discussed:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Common Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs)
  • Common industries which present likely environmental concerns
  • What is an Underground Storage Tank (UST)
  • What are Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Soil, Groundwater, Vapor Assessment
  • Foundations of Remedial Design and Considerations
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

EnviroSouth Attends Outlook Spartanburg Presented by OneSpartanburg, Inc.

The Outlook Spartanburg Event continues to provide valuable insight into the rapidly growing MSA of Spartanburg County in South Carolina. The influx of industry leaders to Spartanburg provides ample opportunities for EnviroSouth, Inc. to showcase our expertise across all fields impacted by environmental considerations.

In addition to highlighting upcoming industry news, Outlook Spartanburg provides a firsthand account of the breadth of talented services providers located in the South Carolina Upstate.

If you or your company is looking to move to the South Carolina Upstate, do not hesitate to CONTACT EnviroSouth for any and all environmental service needs.

2023 EnviroSouth Client Base Education Initiative

With the continued growth throughout the southeast, EnviroSouth’s relationships with commercial real estate professionals is maintained through educational opportunities which can enhance a real estate professional’s understanding of environmental due diligence. Our presentations are tailored to the audience in which we are speaking to. Presentations conducted throughout 2023 included topics from the basics of environmental due diligence through navigating brownfield restoration projects.

Through the engagement of the audiences, EnviroSouth creates and distributes a variety of resources through our website. Click HERE to see available resource documents and links.

EnviroSouth, Inc. Joins OneSpartanburg, Inc. to Support Spartanburg County

To better connect to clients based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, EnviroSouth, Inc. became a member of the OneSpartanburg, Inc. community in 2023. EnviroSouth participates in monthly meetings with an industrial services group in order to provide insight into the exponentially growing market throughout the Spartanburg County MSA. The municipalities of Campobello, Chesnee, Cowpens, Duncan, Greer, Inman, Landrum, Lyman, Pacolet, Reidville, Spartanburg, Wellford, and Woodruff are located in EnviroSouth’s backyard. With close access to I-85, EnviroSouth can serve these municipal areas efficiently.

Services completed throughout Spartanburg County include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Brownfield Restoration Projects
  • Soil, Groundwater, and Vapor Assessments
  • Vapor Mitigation
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Site Assessment
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Corrective Action
  • Petroleum Product Clean-up Response, Corrective Action, and Remediation
  • Dry-Cleaner Solvent Contamination Assessment and Corrective Action
  • Asbestos Surveys and Abatement
  • Stormwater Sampling and Reporting for Water Quality Metrics

EnviroSouth Attends 2023 Southeastern Petroleum and Convenience Expo

EnviroSouth’s team committed to participating in the 2023 SE Petro Expo for greater exposure to the convenience store and petroleum industry. Will Lyons, P.G. and M. Allen Meadows attended the tradeshow with enthusiasm for connecting with new prospective clients. The tradeshow was a resounding success and the connections made bolstered a growing underground storage tank (UST) assessment program at EnviroSouth.

Through experiences such as this, EnviroSouth’s professionals obtain the opportunity to grow professionally in order to provide clients with the utmost confidence in our services. By supporting the convenience store industry, EnviroSouth looks to provide clients with expertise pertaining to site checks, soil and groundwater monitoring and assessment, as well as targeted corrective action practices.

2022 Client Appreciation Initiative

At the end of 2022, EnviroSouth distributed a variety of gifts to our clients across the upstate and beyond in an effort to illustrate our company’s appreciation for all of our loyal customers. Our company owes it’s success to a growing base of impassioned professionals throughout the property transaction and development industry.

Thank you to those real estate professionals, property developers, financial institutions, independent real estate investors, commercial / industrial property owners, convenience store operators who partner with EnviroSouth Environmental Consultants for our large array of services.

Chef, the Chief Morale Officer pictured here taking a break, worked hard to prepare the gifts for delivery.

EnviroSouth Attends 2022 Battelle Chlorinated Conference in Palm Springs, California

In June 2022, EnviroSouth, Inc. attended the prestigious Battelle Chlorinated Conference in Palm Springs, California. Tom Donn, Keigan Mennetti, and M. Allen Meadows attended the conference in order to obtain additional knowledge about current remediation technologies that industry leaders employ across the United States.

Key takeaways include the utilization of high-resolution site characterization (HRSC) throughout site assessment activities in order to increase the effectiveness of the chosen remedial approach. EnviroSouth has deployed many HRSC tools throughout the years and is experienced in the implementation of such services including laser induced fluorescence (LIF) and Dye-enhanced laser induced fluorescence (DyeLIF) systems.

Additionally, commercial and industrial applications of soil mixing, in-situ chemical reduction, in-situ chemical oxidation, air-sparging, pump and treat systems, permeable reactive barriers, and other remedial designs were all discussed throughout the conference. Such corrective action measures have been deployed on a variety of projects throughout the southeast by EnviroSouth environmental professionals throughout the years.

EnviroSouth Hires Experienced Professional, M. Allen Meadows

In November 2021, M. Allen Meadows became a member of EnviroSouth, Inc. Mr. Meadows, a Greenville native, grew up in the upstate and attended Clemson University. He graduated Clemson with a B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering. After college, Allen continued to be engaged in the upstate of South Carolina and gained valuable experience through positions at Milliken & Co. He served at a Milliken manufacturing location in Pendleton, South Carolina as an engineer primarily focused on the manufacturing of broadwoven, flat airbag textiles.

In his new role at EnviroSouth, Allen has expressed great satisfaction in being involved in an organization that operates behind the scenes of progress and development of the southeast. His roots in the Carolinas have provided him with direction and insight into the ever changing landscape that is associated with the economic development of the southeast. With experience in many facets of the environmental field, Allen applies his leadership skills to project execution and customer engagement. Click HERE to learn more about Allen’s professional and educational background.