Soil & Groundwater Contamination Assessment

EnviroSouth’s professionals begin every assignment by thoroughly discussing the purpose and scope of work with our client in order to deliver meaningful results with no schedule or budget surprises.

We recognize that truly serving the client’s best interest requires EnviroSouth to approach each site assessment in a unique manner.  Our professionals have the experience to consider technical aspects, costs, timeframes, and client objectives in planning and executing contamination assessment services.

EnviroSouth utilizes assessment methods from the most basic to the most advanced in order to meet our clients’ needs, including:

  • Hand-augered soil borings
  • Direct-push soil and groundwater sampling
  • Drill rig augered soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells
  • Air hammer rig groundwater monitoring wells in bedrock
  • Colorimetric field screening
  • Real-time mobile laboratory analyses
  • Direct-sensing assessment methods, such as:
    • Membrane interface probe
    • Hydraulic profiling tool
    • Laser-induced fluorescence

We possess (and use!!!) common sense in selecting the best assessment methods that will meet the level of detail, budget, and timeframe the client requires. 

Soil & Groundwater Contamination Diagram

Here is an example of how it works.