EnviroSouth Celebrates 15 Wonderful Years!

In March 2001, EnviroSouth launched their future as a part of the Southeast‘s environmental consulting community. Their goal was to grow a firm that was able to clearly explain complex technical and regulatory issues in a manner that was easily understandable to a wide range of clients. EnviroSouth also wanted to achieve a high level of personal communication with their clients so that their mantra of “on budget, on time, and no surprises” would be the standard for every project they accepted.

When asked how EnviroSouth has changed the landscape of the Upstate and beyond these past 15 years, Thomas Donn, the company’s co-founder, replied “Our biggest impact on the region has been assisting property owners with re-developing properties with environmental challenges. By assisting land purchasers and developers address environmental concerns at Brownfield sites, we have played a key role in putting idle properties back into productive use. The role we play in these types of transactions is twofold. First, we help clients navigate the regulatory steps to protect themselves from becoming responsible for existing contamination on the properties they purchase. Second, we provide cost-effective and efficient technical solutions for remediating, or cleaning up, contaminated soil and groundwater. We have successfully completed environmental remediation projects for numerous commercial and industrial properties that were impacted by petroleum or chemical products. These projects are located in the Carolinas and Georgia and include manufacturing facilities, petroleum terminals, dry cleaning plants, and gas stations, among others. We are also working closely with Clemson University’s Environmental Engineering professors to develop new and innovative groundwater remediation methods.”

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