EnviroSouth Hires Experienced Professional, M. Allen Meadows

In November 2021, M. Allen Meadows became a member of EnviroSouth, Inc. Mr. Meadows, a Greenville native, grew up in the upstate and attended Clemson University. He graduated Clemson with a B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering. After college, Allen continued to be engaged in the upstate of South Carolina and gained valuable experience through positions at Milliken & Co. He served at a Milliken manufacturing location in Pendleton, South Carolina as an engineer primarily focused on the manufacturing of broadwoven, flat airbag textiles.

In his new role at EnviroSouth, Allen has expressed great satisfaction in being involved in an organization that operates behind the scenes of progress and development of the southeast. His roots in the Carolinas have provided him with direction and insight into the ever changing landscape that is associated with the economic development of the southeast. With experience in many facets of the environmental field, Allen applies his leadership skills to project execution and customer engagement. Click HERE to learn more about Allen’s professional and educational background.


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