EnviroSouth Presents at the 2024 Southeast Petroleum-Food Expo

After attending the SE Petrol Expo in 2023, EnviroSouth committed to attending the tradeshow again with additional focus on providing educational opportunities to industry professionals as well as exposition attendees. Will Lyons, P.G. provided an in-depth look into how environmental professionals navigate complex state regulatory systems in order to provide responsible parties with robust assessment services which not only delineate subsurface contamination, but also provide the consultant with the necessary information to conduct targeted corrective action and remediation services.

EnviroSouth’s approach to underground storage tank (UST) assessment is two-fold: 1) advocate for our client(s) at all times and 2) partner with state regulators to assess a petroleum release with the end goal of release closure in mind. Client advocacy looks like clear, concise communication that provides clients with the understanding that they are a priority. Our view of partnering with state regulators, is that a mutually beneficial partnership is central and that through a close partnership releases have a greater opportunity to become priorities and inevitably reach No-Further-Action.

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