Groundwater, Soil Vapor, and Indoor Air Assessment – Industrial Dry Cleaning Plants

The Challenge:

Evaluate the extent of contamination related to the leakage of dry cleaning solvent (tetrachloroethene) in the groundwater and creek on and near the former plant properties. The impacted groundwater occurs in soil and fractured bedrock aquifers. Because of shallow groundwater and the presence of solvents in soils underlying the plant building, soil vapors and indoor air quality also require evaluation. The previous detection of solvents in an adjacent creek required a detailed assessment of surface water impact.

Our Solution:

EnviroSouth collected lab data from all of the affected receptors. Based on this information, a comprehensive plan can be formulated to protect environmental receptors and eliminate source area contaminants.

What's Unique:

EnviroSouth used gas detector tubes to collect real time data during assessment of the adjacent creek. The real time data allowed EnviroSouth to quickly discover a spring along the creek bank which was the primary source of contamination entering the creek.

Services We Provided:

  • Groundwater Screening
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation
  • Soil Vapor Assessment
  • Indoor Air Testing
  • Surface Water Sampling
  • Gas Detector Tube Survey
  • Fractured Bedrock Assessment