Groundwater Remediation – Industrial Dry Cleaning Plant

The Challenge:

Design and implement a monitoring and remediation plan that will protect residents and streams in the area of dry cleaning fluid (chlorinated solvent) contamination. Prior to EnviroSouth’s involvement, a previous consultant proposed a large-scale remediation approach that did not address the immediate concerns related to soil vapor intrusion in stores and residences in the area or the migration of solvent-impacted groundwater into nearby streams.

Our Solution:

Using laboratory data from groundwater monitoring wells and surface water samples, EnviroSouth designed a permeable reactive barrier remediation system to block the tetrachloroethene (PCE) solvent in the groundwater from entering a creek which passes through a nearby condominium community. Sub-slab soil vapor samples at stores and residences in the area demonstrated that soil vapor migration and vapor intrusion did not present a significant concern.

What's Unique:

The use of a remediation technology focused on the environmental receptor (stream) allowed immediate protection at 80% less cost than a system that would have likely been ineffective based on the presence of widespread contamination in a poorly-defined bedrock fracture system.

Services We Provided:

  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Stream Monitoring
  • Soil Vapor Assessment
  • Chlorinated Solvent Remediation
  • Risk Assessment Survey
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier Technology