Brownfield Redevelopment & Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal

The Challenge:

While conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), EnviroSouth personnel identified the presence of an out of use, underground storage tank (UST). The presence of the UST was attributed to past residential use of the property where the tank formerly contained heating oil used for facility heating. To mitigate the future liabilities for the prospective purchaser, the UST was removed prior to the close of the property transaction. During the UST investigation, it became evident that a past release of petroleum product, formerly contained in the UST, had occurred.

Our Solution:

The risk of significant soil and/or groundwater contamination posed by the UST necessitated that a Non-Responsible Party Voluntary Clean-up Contract (NRP-VCC) aka Brownfield Restoration Project, be implemented on the subject property. The removal of the UST, the excavation of soils impacted by the petroleum product release, and the implementation of the Brownfield Contract were all integral parts of the solution to ensure the property transaction remained on track.

What's Unique:

Because of the proximity of the former UST and subsequent soil contamination, it was evident that an indoor air assessment was a necessary component of the NRP-VCC/Brownfield Restoration Project. The Brownfield Project Site Investigation included a comprehensive environmental assessment including the analysis of soil, groundwater and indoor air/vapor samples. Upon completion of the Site Investigation, it was clear that no significant impact to the subsurface environment had occurred due to the past presence of the UST nor did the apparent soil contamination present a significant risk to the indoor air quality of the subject site.

Services We Provided:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Investigation
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal
  • Petroleum Impacted Soil Screening
  • Petroleum Impacted Soil Excavation
  • Non-Responsible Party Voluntary Clean-up Contract (NRP-VCC)
  • Brownfield Restoration Project
  • Soil, Groundwater, and Indoor Air Site Investigation